Get your digital artwork!
A unique method that proves the authenticity of the artwork.

When buying an accessory such as a Miss Lefort scarf, a laminated and easily forged authenticity card is not enough.

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miss lefort metaversMiss Lefort has developed a tool to guarantee your property: a digital authenticity card (NFT)
No need to be an IT or blockchain expert. We have thought of everything :
When you order your scarf, the digital card is automatically transferred to a digital account or to your account (if you have one).

When you want to see Insert a tag (Alt+1) your authenticity card, nothing could be simpler, you receive a link at the time of purchase (this can be found at any time).
When you want to transfer your authenticity card, EinNFT does it for you free of charge. You can also do this from your account.

Your authenticity card is accessible online from any computer or smartphone in the world.


So there are two ways of doing this:

Do it for me



We store your NFT and keep it secure for you.
You can exchange it without limitations and free of charge
Using the EinNFT service

Do it yourself (Expert)

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At the time of purchase you fill in your Wallet’s public key.
Metamask for example.
Then you will get your NFT.