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Initially created as designs for the Metaverse, LEFORT.ART is a group of people drawn together from the worlds of art, audiovisual, media and fashion to choose 20 drawings from more than a hundred.


LEFORT.ART is all about artistic concepts.
Guided by experts, but also following current trends, LEFORT.ART has decided to carry these creations into the real world. Miss-Lefort© has been founded to bring works of art onto silk of the highest quality.




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When LEFORT.ART sent out the call. After a careful selection process, one artist was chosen. With a love of classical literature and animals and a fascination with the afterlife, she fills her creations with an ideology, a philosophy, a hidden message or a lucky charm, but always with a refined aesthetic.




photo 2022 02 24 08 59 49 1The creation and design are from Switzerland, while the foulards are made in the prestigious town of Como in Italy. Famed for the quality of its manufacturing infrastructure, the most prestigious fashion houses put their trust in this town for their collections. Top quality 100% pure silk twill (54g/m2) has been chosen for its brightness, extreme delicacy and lightness. Miss-Lefort© offers a three-year warranty on its products This material is perfect for highlighting the work of art thanks to the ultra-bright colours and deep blacks. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to accessorizing your outfit with the various models we have available. A style guide is available to help inspire your creativity.



In an effort to prevent counterfeiting, but also to promote transparency, Miss-Lefort© foulards are authenticated by an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain.
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It is a guarantee of traceability, value and originality. You are the owner of a proof of purchase that you can keep or track at all times. You can check the provenance of the foulard and, in the event of an exchange, prove its authenticity and transfer it. All without having to go through Miss-Lefort©, which will continue to give you all the help you may need.
No need to know anything about blockchain technology! Miss-Lefort© and Ein Nft© have put online a User Friendly platform, so you can follow and track your contracts.allowing you to track and take care of your contracts.


What the founder says:

I’ve always had a thing about foulards ever since I was a little girl. A luxury item, delicate and silky, and multiuse! The idea naturally came to me that a foulard could be used as an art medium. So I could share my passion and make this unique accessory, with an infinity of looks and uses, more popular.

Despite there being over a hundred silk foulards from the major names, there was a singular lack of uniqueness. The feeling of possessing a unique item that no one else can have. That is why Miss-Lefort© proposes unique items in very limited editions.

Creation and design in Switzerland

Made in Italy

Material: 100% Pure Twill, natural silk

Warranty : 3 years

Style guide HERE: Boost your creativity