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Silk is the world’s strongest natural fiber!

Silk fiber is elastic, insulating and agile, yet fine, soft and extremely durable. It reflects light from many angles, resulting in sharp, brilliant colors.

Ideal in all weathers, the feel of silk is always a very pleasant sensation. It acts as a natural insulator, helping to maintain the body’s natural temperature in hot or cold weather. It is also hypoallergenic and highly recommended for people with skin sensitivities.


Hypoallergenic / antibacterial

Lightweight and ultra-comfortable


High resistance to deformation

Temperature controller

Insulating: warm in winter, cool in summer


The Scarf

“Fashion goes out of style, style never does.” – Coco Chanel

In the spirit of vintage and nostalgia, the silk square is the main vector of remembrance. It seems to come from a family heritage, whether Hermès, Dior or Versace. The ways of tying it at the head are also part of the great tradition: Babushka, Grace Kelly in a convertible, or a glamorous seventies triangle.

Miss Lefort is the story of a scarf collector (Miss Lefort) who wanted to add a touch of Art, Luxury and Technology.
Indeed, after collecting Hermès, Gucci, Louis-Vuitton, Céline, Chanel, Cartier, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Saint Laurent scarves, etc., Miss Lefort needed an artistic touch that she didn’t find on her scarves.
Miss Lefort works exclusively with Hispanic-Swiss artist Mannhick. In these works, he expresses the reflection of society and its history.

An exclusive 100% silk scarf brand that puts art in the spotlight and lets us wear it at all times. A RARE PIECE FOR YOU! Discover Miss-Lefort scarves, much more than a simple accessory, a unique and iconic work of art to sublimate a timeless style.

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